Social Media Is Everywhere

Today I went to Nando’s restaurant in Wolverhampton . It was no surprise as I walked up the stairs. to find  a sign that announced they were on Facebook, Twitter AND had a Blog site.

Not so long ago, Facebook was considered by many to be just used for students, Twitter was non existent and Blogging was done on paper. Now businesses are starting to understand the power of these social media channel as a way of communicating with their customers and prospective customers, and social media is everywhere!

Brands are now advertising their Social Media networks in their television adverts, using hash tags on chat shows so viewers can join in on topics, its even used for fans to vote for contestants on major TV shows like Big Brother and X-Factor to name just a couple!

Over 500 million people are registered on Facebook across the globe (wow!) …  Local and BIG brands such as Maybelline, Comet, Boots and many more are using social media to market their business right now. Rightfully so as, 1.3 billion people globally own a computer and a shocking 901 million of these people belong to a social network of one sort or another.

Reaching out to everyone isn’t easy, but with Social Media you can connect with millions of people globally, hundreds of thousands nationally, and thousands locally with a click of a button. Just think what could it do for your business.