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MyBizBuddy is a small business formed in 2011, and operated by father and daughter team, Charlotte & Stuart WIlliams. Although based in Telford, they are happy to offer their services further afield.

The inspiration came when Stuart started using social media in his other business activities, and started to see the results of keeping in contact with his customers. Charlotte had always grown up in a generation where using social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Emailing, etc was the norm.

When the use of social media was discussed with other business owners, they could all see the benefits, but either didnt have the expertise, the time, the staff or the on-going inclination to make it work in their business.  They needed someone to help them. People who spoke in plain English, not technospeak. This is where the concept of MyBizBuddy was formed.

The objective of MyBizBuddy is to offer services to small businesses to help them set up and use appropriate social media services such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogging, Email Marketing, etc. These services range from set-up, to training, on-going support or full management.

Our services are ideally suited to small businesses who either just need setting up & pointing in the right direction, or may need a little help every now and then after set-up, and even businesses who would like their social media activities managed by experts. We are very flexible and will try to accomodate most businesses reqiorements in a cost effective way.

If you would like to find out a little more about how MyBizBuddy could help your business, just call us on 01952 222239.